Is there a minimum?

Yes. If you book in the morning there is a 3 hour plus travel from and to us minimum (if it is a small move we can book your move in an opening that we might have in the afternoon without there being a minimum charge).

How early do I need to schedule?

Most people schedule a month or two in advance.

Is there a deposit required?

We do need a Visa or MasterCard to hold your moving spot. There is also a non refundable 75.00 cancellation fee for bookings falling on the last week of the month and weekends, and a 50.00 cancellation fee all other times. If you have a small move and no credit card for a deposit, in some cases we might be able to book you in the afternoon (if we have an opening) as our second move of the day without a credit card.

Is there a way that I can I save money?

A well packed move in uniform boxes will make things go much faster and smoother and should cut down on the moving expense. We suggest that prior to the move, you should have all of your furniture already taken apart. If you are able, we would encourage you to have all of the boxes and little items placed in the garage and ready to go when we arrive. Also, please have an available room close to the entrance or an empty garage in the place that you are moving to for us to deposit your items in, if at all possible. If you are able to do some (or all) of these things, then it will speed up the move a lot and save you money.

Can people help?

We can't have others on our trucks, but we encourage others to help bring things to and from the trucks, which will also speed up the move.

What if it snows or the weather is bad?

In most cases we will be able to make it to the move, but it is the customers responsibility to have all walkways and driveways cleared, salted and safe for the movers. If you are doing home construction please have all wires etc out of the paths of movers.